Furniture Store Owner Houses People in His Store amid the Natural Disaster in Texas

A Furniture store owner provided shelter to people affected by the natural disaster in Texas. The winter’s storm,…
Furniture store owner

A Furniture store owner provided shelter to people affected by the natural disaster in Texas. The winter’s storm, Uri, removed the power grid in Texas and left it in a bad condition. A valiant businessman decided to house his Houston neighbors.

Within 72 hours, Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale made his furniture gallery as warming stations for people.  The website of the store revealed that Mattress Mack and his crew members offered over 3,000 meals and impromptu accommodations to over 700 members of the Houston community.

This isn’t the first time Mack will be offering assistance to people. He housed refugees from Hurricane Katrina in 2005, and he helped victims of Hurricane Harvey in 2017. In 2019, when Imelda experienced a tropical storm, McIngvale ensured that the doors of the Furniture Gallery were open for people who needed it.

When Uri began, Mclngvale invited anyone who needed shelter to come to his gallery. Plumbing was a serious problem as the store had since the store only a generator that provides electricity. McIngvale immediately responded by providing a solution for the plumbing problems.

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The staff members also ensured that people adhered to the coronavirus rules and regulations. Visitors wore masks and observed social distancing before eating warm meals.  McIngvale finances much of the expenses and he sees it as his duty.

MucIngvale has been known for producing Mattress Mack. Mattress Mack has become a household name over time. Muclngvale has been receiving praises through the internet for this humanitarian service amid the winter’s storm.

Shoutout to Mattress Mac from Chicago! You are an absolute blessing to those in need and an inspiration to everyone. This story has done so much more than warm and feed Texans—it is a beacon of light and hope for our entire country. You are a true angel!

Someone from Windy City

McIngvale has established a GoFundMe campaign to get rid of the impact of the current storm on his community. Anyone who is interested in helping out can donate.

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