Free Wi-Fi Gifted to Over 15,000 Children’s Homes During the Pandemic

In Indiana, more than 15,000 households have been surprised with Free Wi-Fi; enabling children to have better access…
Free Wi-Fi

In Indiana, more than 15,000 households have been surprised with Free Wi-Fi; enabling children to have better access to information. Since the beginning of the pandemic, lockdown has been imposed, causing restrictions to certain activities.

Schools have been shut down and students are advised to participate in online classes. However, some children can’t participate in these lessons due to lack of internet connectivity. This is one of the reasons free Wi-Fi is being provided to students.

The surprise was revealed to students by “Good Morning America.” Students attending five public school districts in Jackson, Allegheny Valley, Baltimore, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Mississippi, Santa Fe, New Mexico, and South Bend, Indiana will now enjoy five years of free Wi-Fi in their homes. This is made possible by T-Mobile’s Project 10Million.

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This program aims to provide 10 million students’ homes with free Wi-Fi. Center for Democracy and Technology revealed that out of the 50 million children learning remotely; about 16 million children don’t have access to internet connectivity.  This has made many students turn to school parking lots or restaurants to access online classes.

Errick Greene, Superintendent of Jackson Public Schools said that about 25% of students are not connected through the internet. In some communities in New Mexico, 40% of students have no access to the internet. Now that many students have started the school year across the country, school districts are making efforts to ensure the gap is closed

Some public schools in South Bend have deployed buses installed with Wi-Fi to areas that needed it most; T-Mobile has provided hot spots with free data that will run for five years through its initiative.

Parents or School administrators who have an interest in free hotspots and data for students in their school district or children at home can visit learn T-Mobile’s website to learn more.

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