Fraternity Brothers Pay Off Their House Cook’s Mortgage 30 Years Later

Fraternity brothers paid off their house cook’s mortgage after hearing that she needed help. Jessie Hamilton was a…
Fraternity brothers

Fraternity brothers paid off their house cook’s mortgage after hearing that she needed help. Jessie Hamilton was a cook at the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity house located in Louisiana State University.

Jessie treated the men in her care like sons, although she had her own kids. She was very kind and accommodating. She was always there for them; she listened to them, advised them, and even drive them to the grocery store.

This woman was just like a biological mother to them. She always made these fraternity brothers feel so loved.  With all these, the love the fraternity brothers had for her grew like that of a son to his mother.

I enjoyed doing it. They loved my cooking. I was always there to talk things through with them. They’d come in the kitchen and sit on top of the counter and tell me their problems.   


52-years-old Andrew Fusaiotti was once a Fiji brother. He maintained that Jessie was a mother to all. She treated them like they were her sons and ensured that they all felt loved.

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After she stopped working at LSU, Jessie was juggling several jobs to be financially stable. This was not a new thing to Jessie as she had always been doing that since age 14. In 2006, Jessie needed a home.

Even when she wasn’t working at the Fraternity house again, she made sure she stayed in touch with some of the frat brothers. Fusaiotti was one of the Frat brothers; he is now a car dealer in Alabama.

At the beginning of the pandemic, Fusaiotti checked up on Jessie to know about her welfare. It was during the conversation they had that Fusaiotti knew that Jessie was having several jobs. Then it dawned on him that retirement wasn’t an option for Jessie to consider.

Fusaiotti made efforts to reach out to Jessie’s family to know how much will be needed to pay off Jessie’s mortgage. He then began to inform his frat brothers about donations to help her pay off her mortgage. The fraternity brothers contributed about $51,765 to help the woman who once showed them love.

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