Ford F-150, Most Popular Car in the U.S, is Going Electric

Ford F-150, Ford’s most popular car will be going electric soon. Ford F-150 Lighting is part of the…
Ford F-150

Ford F-150, Ford’s most popular car will be going electric soon. Ford F-150 Lighting is part of the contribution to the electric truck market. With just a price tag of $36, 650, this electric truck comes with so many features. This truck’s price will almost be similar to that of other electric trucks when it is reduced by the $7,500 federal EV tax credit.

The base model features 3.5 tons of towing capacity, a big front trunk, automatic trailer hitching, and 320 miles of range. It also comes with 11 different power outlets encased within the SuperCrew cabin.

This Ford F-150 has an impressive technological integration. It comes with onboard scales that weigh the load and calculates extra tonnage in the battery. The EV charging stations can charge the battery to a full capacity within an hour. This is pretty good for modern EVs.

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Ford’s electric truck gives the company an edge over other competitors like Rivian and Tesla. Ford has had a long standing-reputation in the automobile industry and it has gained the trust of pickup buyers over the years.  However, if this electric truck is not widely received in the market, it could affect its sales.

Electric cars can offer great power, this is one of the reasons engineers made the Lightning the strongest F-150 Ford has ever provided. President Joe Biden tested one on Tuesday and maintained that “Thus sucker is quick.”

This truck comes in two battery pack sizes, the bigger battery pack allows you to drive up to 300 miles, but hauling and towing can reduce that distance. The second battery pack is available in less expensive models and can allow you to drive up to 230 miles before recharging.

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