For the First Time in Over a Century Sea Eagles Were Spotted at Loch Lomond

Sea eagles were sighted on Loch Lomond after a very long time. Sea eagles are white-tailed eagles that…
Sea eagles

Sea eagles were sighted on Loch Lomond after a very long time. Sea eagles are white-tailed eagles that are immensely large. The sea eagles were first seen at the national nature reserve at Loch Lomond in March.

Since then, they have been seen searching for ideal nest sites, this suggests they are here to stay. Nature bodies are making efforts to protect these native birds and reduce disturbance. An exclusion zone was put in place around where they have been spotted.

Since they went into extinction in the 20th century, this is the first time these birds would be seen settling at Loch Lomond. The Sea eagles’ extinction was caused by habitat changes and persecution.

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Paul Roberts, the operations manager at NatureScot, maintained that this is a success story of this bird conservation. Sea eagles have a wingspan of about 240cm, making them the largest bird of prey in the UK.

We’re working closely with Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park Authority (LLTNPA) and RSPB Scotland to protect the birds and we are urging visitors to enjoy the reserve responsibly and make sure they don’t disturb them.

Paul Roberts

LLTNPA, RSPB Scotland, and NatureScot are making joint efforts to monitor the behavior of the birds and to protect them, and adopt visitor management measures to ensure loch users do not disturb them. The visitor management measures include signs asking visitors to keep off, monitoring the area at regular intervals, creating an exclusion zone.

Protecting these birds from danger is a big responsibility that shouldn’t be neglected. The Scotland police are also aware of the presence of these birds. 

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