Florida shelter animals find more ‘forever homes’ than ever

An animal shelter in Bradenton, Florida, is empty of public visitors and nearly empty of pets. Busier than…

An animal shelter in Bradenton, Florida, is empty of public visitors and nearly empty of pets. Busier than ever, though, are the shelter’s adoption counsellors.

Nate’s Honor Animal Rescue has seen some big changes since the outbreak of COVID-19. Unlike many other businesses, the changes the rescue has seen have been positive ones.

The Executive Director at the shelter, Dari Oglesby, spoke to Spectrum Bay News 9 about the ways in which the COVID-19 pandemic affected the shelter:

Covid 100% changed the way that we will do [animal] sheltering going forward. We will definitely keep some of the policies and procedures that we have implemented during this time.

Dari Oglesby

Via phone and online communication, adoption counsellors are busy with seven-day workweeks as they carefully assess people who want to adopt.

Since March, the rescue has logged nearly 2000 approved adoption applications. Per month, the rescue has about 150 animals that it sends to forever homes. The excess of adoption applications compared to incoming homeless animals means that the animals that do come to the shelter don’t have to wait long before they have homes to call their own.

It’s a far cry from what is normal for the shelter. Oglesby says that “generally, we have animals sitting here waiting and waiting, and now, an animal comes in—it’s here one or two days, and it’s adopted.”

The speed at which animals are being adopted is not the only positive change the shelter has seen. They have also seen zero returns of adopted animals. The placements are sticking: the new homes really are forever homes.

Without any volunteers at the shelter right now, the employees are working harder than ever, but they remain focused. As Oglesby says, it’s all about the animals. She gives an example of a dog named Boone:

Boone was abandoned on a country road. He’s been in a foster home getting healthy. He had eye surgery, his skin got healthier, and to see him leave and know that he’s going to have a family is one of the most rewarding things a person could ask for.

Dari Oglesby

See Boone and more happy animals in Spectrum Bay News 9’s video.

Article source: Spectrum Bay News 9

Featured image source: Spectrum Bay News 9

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