FIrst-Of-Its-Kind Sanctuary Keeps Exploited Dolphins Safe

Melka Excelsior Hotel, located in Lovina, North Bali, Indonesia was well-known for hosting not only tourists, but also…

Melka Excelsior Hotel, located in Lovina, North Bali, Indonesia was well-known for hosting not only tourists, but also dolphins. Forced to participate in swim-with-guests activities and daily performances, the dolphins called the hotel’s cramped quarters and heavily chlorinated, shallow pools home. 

Captive dolphins used for human entertainment is an industry that generates billions of dollars…all at the expense of these beautiful, intelligent creatures being forced to live out their days in unnatural and sometimes horrifying conditions. 

Unfortunately, some dolphins who came to live at Melka Excelsior Hotel didn’t make it out alive. 

But Rocky, Rambo, and Johnny did. This is their story.

Thanks to the works of Indonesia’s Natural Resources Conservation Center (BKSDA), the Jakarta Animal Aid Network (JAAN), and the financial support and supervision of the US-based, non-profit organization The Dolphin Project, these lucky, captive dolphins were rescued and are now living at the newly designed Bali dolphin sanctuary Camp Lumba Lumba Readaptation and Release Center

The world’s first permanent dolphin sanctuary focuses on the rehabilitation and release of captive dolphins. That’s because captive dolphins not only lose their ability to interact with other dolphins, but they no longer are able to catch their own food. In captivity, they switch off their sonar. 

Camp Lumba Lumba has a full-time veterinarian on site, caregivers, and security guards to get the dolphins back to good health and prepared to return to their home range, where possible. For those dolphins that cannot be released, they are able to retire and live a peaceful existence in the sanctuary – which is as natural an environment as possible.  

Animal activist and founder of The Dolphin Project Ric O’Barry proposes to use the sanctuary as a model for more sanctuaries in Europe

Here’s to wishing Rocky, Rambo, and Johnny the best in their new home! 

Are you looking for ways to help? Forward this article to others to make them aware of the hazards that captive dolphins endure, or consider sponsoring a dolphin with The Dolphin Project today!

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