Festival of Kindness: One City’s Mission to Foster Kindness in the World

Leed’s Festival of Kindness will be launched this coming weekend and it hopes to explore different themes and…
Festival of Kindness

Leed’s Festival of Kindness will be launched this coming weekend and it hopes to explore different themes and subjects. In 2018, a group of people living around the Jamyang Buddhist Centre in Leeds came together to foster more kindness in the community.

This group of people came up with series of ideas on how to show kindness towards others. They ended up planning several events to explore ideas of kindness. Two years after, Festival of Kindness was inaugurated.

 This festival was funded by Leeds Community Foundation and the National Lottery Community Fund. This movement began as a grassroots initiative to enhance community spirit.The festival will be launched on September 6 and would have to go online due to the pandemic.

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Leeds’s Festival of Kindness will be hosted on Zoom and is open to anyone. Different theme will be explored each day and subjects like self-kindness, kinder businesses, and kinder relationships. Guest speakers invited include representatives from Extinction Rebellion and the Coop and peace activist Satish Kumar.

 The space that we’re in is a space of respect for everybody and trying to make sure nobody gets left behind. We are putting a flag in the ground for people who want to see the values of kindness, compassion, and wellbeing as the prosperity we should be investing in.

John Malkin.

During the festival,  NHS professionals, including Co-founder Angela Green will emphasize on mental health and an event will be hosted on 10 September. In this event, how to create safe spaces for difficult conversations will be discussed.

Leeds City Council is one of the partners in the event. Last year, the Council launched the Leeds Compassionate City Awards to celebrate the good deeds of individuals and organization around their community.

We want the kindness revolution in Leeds to spread to all cities in the UK and beyond. We would encourage anyone who is involved in areas that relate to kindness, compassion, and wellness to [join] and make this a national festival of kindness


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