Estes Express Trucker Saves Utility Worker Trapped in a Fire Blazing Bucket at the Expense of His Own Safety

An Estes Express trucker has saved a utility worker that was stuck in a bucket truck with fire.…
Estes Express Trucker

An Estes Express trucker has saved a utility worker that was stuck in a bucket truck with fire. Even though this truckers’ life was at stake, he deemed it fit to save a life. One would say it was indeed fortunate that the trucker was at the right place at the right time.

The incident which occurred on April 16 in California could have resulted in the loss of life. A report had it that the bucket truck was beside a traffic light as the utility worker worked. This utility worker was unaware that the engine on the truck was on fire.

This had resulted in the malfunctioning of the bucket controls and as such, the man was trapped in the air. Fortunately, a California Patrol Sergeant was around the area and saw the smoke, and then he decided to do something about this.

Immediately the officer saw the utility worker trapped in the air, he stopped a truck driver, Efrain Zepeda. The sergeant ordered the trucker to drive under the truck boom, this helped the utility worker to jump on the trailer and escape the fire.

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The Estes Express trucker drove farther away from the flames and then helped the utility worker get down. When firefighters got to the scene to quench the fire, the bucket and the boom fell to the ground.

This showed that the quick action of the officer and the trucker saved the utility worker’s life. Efrain who is an employee of Estes Express Lines was praised for his intelligent act. No injuries were sustained.

It is nothing short of a miracle that our driver, Efrain, was there just as this individual needed rescue from such a dire situation. Enough can’t be said about his bravery and immediate actions that allowed the worker to escape.

 Webb Estes, the company’s vice president of process improvement.

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