Endangered Baby Sea Turtles Can Now be Saved Using GPS

Endangered baby sea turtles can be saved by placing GPS-enabled decoy sea turtle eggs into nests. In a…
endangered baby sea turtles

Endangered baby sea turtles can be saved by placing GPS-enabled decoy sea turtle eggs into nests. In a recent study, scientists discovered a new way to track turtle eggs illegally removed from the nest. It has been noted that people remove turtle eggs from the nest to illegally trade them and this has been going on for a while now.

In order to put an end to such acts, a new method to track these eggs was recently discovered by scientists. Lead author Helen Pheasey of the University of Kent revealed that putting a decoy into the nest of a turtle works perfectly and this wouldn’t damage the incubating embryos.

The egg decoys were developed by the conservation organization, Paso Pacifico, to put an end to the illegal trading of endangered sea turtles in Central America. These eggs are smuggled from beaches and illegally sold to bars and restaurants as a delicacy.

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 Kim Williams-Guillen, a Paso Pacifico-affiliated scientist, designed the decoys when the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Wildlife Crime Tech Challenge asked for a device that could help them track the eggs. Kim revealed that she was immediately inspired by two TV shows, ‘Breaking bad’ and ‘Wire.’ These two shows happened to deal with the illegal trafficking of drugs.

In ‘Breaking Bad’, the DEA places a GPS tracking device on a tank of chemicals to see who receives the chemicals. In one episode of ‘The Wire’, two police officers plant an audio device in a tennis ball to surreptitiously record a suspected drug dealer

Kim Williams-Guillen

She further said that turtle eggs look like ping pong balls, and the team wanted to track and identify where they were going. So she had to put those two ideas together to create an egg decoy known as the InvestEGGator.

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