Elderly Spaniards Had a Nice Trip Outside Their Care Homes for the First Time Amid The Pandemic

Some elderly Spaniards received a nice treat on Monday as they were allowed to have a nice trip…
Elderly Spaniards

Some elderly Spaniards received a nice treat on Monday as they were allowed to have a nice trip outside of their care homes. This is happening for the first time since the pandemic began. Their destination for their trip made them so thrilled. They were seeing Madrid City from a glass bridge.

With the recent vaccinations, a group of 20 people can leave their care homes although they are being supervised. They also ensure that their temperatures are checked and their hands are disinfected before they set off.

The care homes in the Madrid region are managed by Messengers for Peace, a religious organization. When the residents of these homes heard about their trip, they were very excited. 85-year-old Benedict Gracia maintained that when he was outside the care home, his leg was shaking.

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Over 29,000 elderly living in a care home in Spain has died from the virus. Lockdowns have also affected people’s mental health. Segundo Llorente, 80, said, “I haven’t been outside for the past one year.”

These elderly had one or two things to say. Angel Moreno said she hasn’t set her eyes on her family for the past one year. When they got to the 5-star RIU Plaza de Espana hotel, the elderly Spaniards took elevators to the terrace. The terrace which is on the 27th floor has some of the best views of Madrid.

To make the trip a remarkable one the group sang happy birthday to 85-year-old Garcia. These elderly Spaniards had a nice time and they are happy they did.

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