Edmonton is getting the biggest airport solar farm in the world

The capital city of Alberta is getting a new solar farm. It will be the biggest solar farm…
solar farm

The capital city of Alberta is getting a new solar farm. It will be the biggest solar farm any airport has ever hosted.

Alpin Sun, a European renewable project developer, is working with Edmonton International Airport to advance a new project. It is called Airport City Solar, and it will be huge.

The present canola field to the airport’s west side will give way to the new farm, which will cover 627 acres and be 120 megawatts.

But the acreage and wattage aren’t the only big things about the project; it also has very big potential.

CBC News spoke to the vice-president of Edmonton International Airport’s commercial development and air service, Myron Keehn, about the project’s potential:

It’s a great opportunity to drive economic development as well as be better for the environment. We’re really excited that [Alpin Sun] has chosen Edmonton and the airport to do it. It’s a great location. We’ve got lots of land.

Myron Keehn

And there is lots of sunlight to be found in Edmonton:

As everyone knows in Edmonton, you can golf early in the morning or golf late at night in the summertime here. And in wintertime it’s great, because of the snow, and the reflective [sunlight] off the snow that creates power as well.

Myron Keehn

Airport City Solar would be up and running by the close of 2022 if construction does proceed as planned in the beginning of 2020. Once the farm is in action, we can expect good things:

This will create jobs, provide sustainable solar power for our region and shows our dedication to sustainability.

Tom Ruth, the airport’s president and CEO

It should also be good for bringing money in. The press release on Edmonton International Airport’s website gives the estimated figure of “$169 million in foreign direct investment to the Edmonton Metro Region.”

For a huge project like this, planning is imperative. To ensure the project is ready to go, “the Alpin Sun team will conduct extensive studies and seek approvals from the required local, provincial and federal regulatory agencies, including NAV Canada” over the course of the upcoming year.

Hopefully, all goes well, and Edmonton gets a great new source of solar power.

Article sources: CBC, Edmonton International Airport

Featured image source: EIA

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