Drug Combination Reduces ALS’s Progression and Could Mark ‘New Era’ in Treatment

According to a study recently conducted, the combination of two experimental drugs seems to reduce the progression of…
Drug combination

According to a study recently conducted, the combination of two experimental drugs seems to reduce the progression of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) in patients.  

In this study, it was reported that 137 patients who had a fast-progressing form of this disease and got regular doses of a drug combination known as AMXoo35 had several points more on a standard measure of function.

Dr. Sabrina Paganoni said that the difference was normal but meaningful to patients. Dr.Sabrina is a researcher at the Sean Healey & AMG Centre for ALS at Mass General and Harvard Medical School.

They want to be able to continue to use their hands so they can cut their own food and type emails, or they want to be able to walk and climb stairs. And this is exactly what we measured in the trial. I am convinced that we are at the beginning of a new era in ALS treatment discovery.


Tania Gendron said that there is hope for disease-modifying treatment and there will be big discoveries soon. Tania Gendron studied neurodegenerative diseases at the Jacksonville.

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ALS damages the nerve cells that are responsible for muscle movement. Patients who suffer from this disease become disabled and then die. The Food and Drug Administration approved riluzole as the only drug that can be prescribed for these patients. Riluzole has been available since 1995 and it has done well to extend the lifespan of these patients.

In 2017, edaravon was approved by the FDA, this drug helps patients retain their function longer. AMXoo35 protects nerve cells from some damages that are the hallmarks of ALS. In the study conducted, this drug produced a benefit, although many of the patients were already using edaravone and riluzole.

Dr. Sabrina said that the new and old drugs seem to work in different ways to reduce the disease’s progression. It is uncertain if AMXoo35 maintains muscle strength or extend life, however this drug combination seems to be perfect.

One larger study needs to be carried out before the drug should be considered by the FDA. However, the ALA Association with an advocacy team I AM ALS have come together to petition the FDA to approve the drug without further trial.

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