Dog is My CoPilot saves its 15,000th animal

Her name is S’more, and the nonprofit organization just brought her to Portland. Dog is My CoPilot is…
15,000 animal saved

Her name is S’more, and the nonprofit organization just brought her to Portland.

Dog is My CoPilot is a nonprofit organization based out of Jackson, Wyoming. The group flies animals around between shelters and rescue organizations to help more animals get adopted. They focus on at-risk animals in shelters struggling with overcrowding. They coordinate with almost 100 shelters and rescues in 15 western states in America.

Since its founding, DIMC has grown from saving a few hundred lives a year to more than 2,500 annually. DIMC’s success is due also to its dedicated team of organizers and contributors.

Dog is My CoPilot

And they just helped their 15,000th animal. S’more came from El Paso, Texas. She was part of a big but well-loved group of animals. Her owner’s passing left her owner’s family with the animals, and they couldn’t take care of all 17 of them. So, they called El Paso Animal Services.

El Paso Animal Service in turn called Dog is My CoPilot, because the shelter couldn’t take in so many animals at once. Dog is My CoPilot flew S’more and more than a hundred other animals to a Portland, Oregon, rescue: One Tail at a Time PDX. Soon, each animal will find a forever home.

We have rescued our 15,000th animal 🐶 and need your help to complete a $15,000 matching campaign to celebrate the special milestone! Every gift will be doubled to keep the Big Dog flying and saving lives! Here’s a video of our 15,000 passenger, S’mores! Thanks to our great Partners, El Paso Animal Services, and One Tail at a Time – Portland—we can’t do this livesving work without you ❤️

Posted by Dog Is My CoPilot, Inc. on Wednesday, July 22, 2020

To celebrate a total of 15,000 animals transported so far, Dog is my CoPilot is running a gift-matching campaign. Because “a few generous supporters have provided an amazing $15,000 match to celebrate saving the lives of 15,000 animals,” they will be able to raise as much as $30,000 with community donations.

Four pilots volunteer their time with the organization, making the transportation of so many animals possible. They often fly to Texas because the number of animals needing rescue there is growing. Donations to Dog is My CoPilot go towards gas for The Big Dog, their airplane.

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