Disguised Batman Distributes Meals to the Homeless in Santiago

A disguised batman has taken it upon himself to deliver meals to the homeless and needy. This disguised…
disguised batman

A disguised batman has taken it upon himself to deliver meals to the homeless and needy. This disguised batman is said to be a citizen of Santiago and he has demonstrated an act of generosity amidst the pandemic.

The Coronavirus pandemic has had a lot of negative impacts on both the economy and people’s means of livelihood. The economic setback caused by the Coronavirus pandemic has affected the poor sections of the economy negatively; it has left the poor with little or no means of livelihood.

The unemployment rate has increased drastically in Chile which has always had the highest unemployment rate in the past decade. A selfless citizen of Santiago who disguised as a batman came out to render help to the homeless and needy by providing meals for them.

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This disguised batman is always seen on the streets of the city wearing a Batman suit with a complete Covid-protection gear. He has taken it upon himself to provide hot meals to the homeless regularly to sustain them amidst the pandemic.

He has gained local recognition as a result of his noble gesture. We hope this disguised batman has motivated others to be kind towards people.What caught the attention of people was is batman disguise.

He is now known as Chile’s superhero to the needy and homeless. One of the recipients known as Simon Salvador said that the genuine sentiment was clear. He further said that he hopes to meet more real heroes who will continue inspiring others to be generous.

Look around you, see if you can dedicate a little time, a little food, a little shelter, a word sometimes of encouragement to those who need it.” When he was asked about his Batman disguise, he maintained that his costume meant good cheer and unity.

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