Devoted Son Took Mom on a Tour around the World to Improve Her Alzheimer’s disease

A devoted son who wanted to see an improvement in his mother’s Alzheimer’s disease decided to take her…

A devoted son who wanted to see an improvement in his mother’s Alzheimer’s disease decided to take her on a tour across the world.  Sean O’Sallaigh, 44, decided to go on a tour with his mother to escape the Irish winter.

Sean was surprised when his mother began to talk and walk again during their trip. On realizing this, he made a decision to keep traveling for the next 18 months. Sean’s mother, Mary, enjoyed the tour as she roamed across mountains in Italy.

Sean felt this was the least he could do for his loving mother. Sean revealed that before the adventure, he lived in his apartment in Rome and traveled for work while his mother was in Dublin. He started visiting Ireland more frequently to care for his mother who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2013.

Mary was 77 years old when she was diagnosed with this disease. As time went on, Mary’s condition began to deteriorate. Her neurologist told the family to stay positive as happy and optimistic people can see improvement in their condition.

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The family thought about moving Mary into a care home, but Sean didn’t buy the idea as he felt it wasn’t the right thing to do. Sean decided to go to Nepal with his mother. Sean is a devoted son who wanted his mother’s condition to improve at all means.

It was warm and she was able to go out so much. We would walk by this lake and watch the children playing. They would come and sit with us at cafes and talk to her all the time and she to them. 


After that, both mother and son went off to Sean’s apartment in Rome. Mary loved the restaurants and little churches. They later moved to the mountains of Umbria and Mary loved it around there. They later moved to South Africa where Mary died of a chest infection.

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