Dentist Helps Orphaned Koala Get New Foot After Prosthetic Makers Confirmed it Couldn’t Be Done

An orphaned Koala has just received a new foot after prosthetic makers confirmed they couldn’t get him a…
Orphaned Koala

An orphaned Koala has just received a new foot after prosthetic makers confirmed they couldn’t get him a new foot. The Koala was beside his dying mother when it was found. When the Koala’s rescuer realized that this Koala had not only become an orphan but was also with a missing foot, he felt sorry for it.

Fortunately for this animal, a dental prosthetist was able to help him out. How this prosthetist was able to save this Koala is very surprising. Marley Christian, the person who helped the Koala made effort to help this Koala.

Due to the Koala’s missing foot, he has been wearing dolls’ socks. The Koala which is known as Triumph seems to feel discomfort anytime he walks, however, the socks have helped him to feel more comfortable. Christian wanted to do more for this Koala as this wasn’t enough.

Christian began to look for pet prosthetists that could help this little creature on the internet. She needed one that could craft a limb for this Koala. Unfortunately, she couldn’t find any.

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We were told it had not been done and it could not be done.


Christian looked for a way to get an American company that deals in animal prosthetics. However, they couldn’t get any design that suits the orphaned Koala after trying to craft one for a year.  Christian told a local dental prosthetist in New South Wales about Triumph’s problem.

The prosthetist suggested that he could try to craft something for the animal since he creates casts of different dentures. He made a rubber boot for the Koala after he took a cast of his stump. The boot was well-secured with Velcro that restored Triumph’s mobility and freedom immediately.

According to Christian, the Koala now runs, walks, and plays very well. She also maintained that the boot helped Triumph to correct a curvature in his spine.

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