Coworkers Raise Fund to Help Colleague who Lost His Leg in a Motorcycle Crash

Some coworkers could be one of the best gifts in one’s life. We hope the story of Daniel…

Some coworkers could be one of the best gifts in one’s life. We hope the story of Daniel Aldana inspires everyone around him. Daniel who is a lift technician in Lifted Trucks is a very hardworking person. The work he does is a stressful one and his coworkers maintained that seeing how Daniel work encouraged them to do better.

Daniel was involved in a motorcycle crash seven years ago and had lost his leg due to the crash. He had to go through over 20 surgeries. Recovering from the surgery was a tough journey. He kept having an infection and this made him sick.

Daniel said he told the doctors to cut the leg off since it was making him sick. After Daniel lost his leg, he continued to live his daily life like a normal human would do. Daniel told himself that he wouldn’t allow his condition to come in the way of his dreams.

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Then Daniel applied for a lift technician job. According to his Coworkers at Lifted Trucks, they didn’t know he was an amputee when he came for the interview as he was wearing pants. Since Daniel has been hired, he has been amazing to his colleagues with his passion and determination.

He doesn’t ask for help, which is part of the reason why we wanted to help because he’s not asking for it.

Marketing manager at Lifted Trucks

Daniel’s colleagues want to buy him a prosthetic leg since it is better than the one he has and it would allow him to do some things like running, snowboarding, and skateboarding.

The prosthetic leg goes for almost $10,000. The company is raising funds to achieve this. Daniel said he was surprised when he had about the kind gesture of his colleagues.

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