Covid-19: 3 New Cases at New Zealand’s Border

The Ministry of Health has confirmed that all Covid-19 patients have now fully recovered in the community and…

The Ministry of Health has confirmed that all Covid-19 patients have now fully recovered in the community and there are active cases presently. However, the community has seen three new cases today.  The first two cases recently reported arrived from Ethiopia through Dubai on September 23.

They are at the managed isolation and have gone through tests that showed positive. The third case is said to have arrived from Dubai on the 29th of September and has been staying in Managed isolation. Having tested positivefor the novel coronavirus, the third case has been transferred to the Auckland quarantine.

Jacinda Ardern, the Prime Minister of New Zealand said that zero active cases experienced in the community were “another milestone” for the country. New Zealanders through their collective efforts have once again squashed the virus.  The Minister of Health, Chris Hipkins, revealed that the systems developed since the first wave of Covid-19 have worked effectively to reduce the number of cases.

 I think we have been through enough to acknowledge we will go through different periods during this pandemic. This is a positive one to acknowledge.

Chris Hipkins

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There have been 186 community cases since August 11 and 179 cases have been linked to the Auckland August cluster, while 6 cases are linked to the Christchurch returnees group.

The scale and speed of the response ensured the virus was not allowed to spread unimpeded, as people worked around the clock to rapidly identify and isolate cases as they emerged in our communities, then trace and test their contacts.

Chris Hipkins

There are now 37 active cases in New Zealand which are all imported. The ministry of Health maintained that the Auckland August cluster will close down officially when no new cases are reported for two incubation periods.

There were three new cases on October 6, the first case arrived from India on September 26, while the second case arrived from England on October 2 through Qatar and Australia, and the third case arrived from India through England and Qatar on October 4.

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