Colorado Introduces Bill to Offer Free Therapy to Young People Struggling amid the Pandemic

Colorado is making efforts to support the mental health of young people struggling amid the pandemic. The pandemic…

Colorado is making efforts to support the mental health of young people struggling amid the pandemic. The pandemic has impacted a lot of people and even the world as a whole. Last week, a bill that would offer young people a free therapy was introduced to the House.

Several kids have been experiencing depression due to the instability and isolation caused by the pandemic. It is therefore, necessary to introduce a program that will help young people face this difficult time. According to the bipartisan bill, the crisis service hotline in Colorado had a 30% increase in text messages and calls.

The bill represents one of the most aggressive behavioral health initiatives in Colorado history and is on a “fast-track to passage.

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Colorado was ranked as one of the states for mental illness prevalence and access to care before the pandemic.  According to Dafna Michaelson Jenet, Colorado Rep, If every kid gets that mental health support, this will be a game-changer in the state.

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According to the bill, every young people between age 18 and below would receive free mental health screening. They can also get free subsequent visits with professionals. This measure also suggests the provision of a portal where kids can give details about their mental health and connect with providers.

There has been a drastic increase in visits related to mental health, according to the Children’s Hospital in Colorado. The Group Mental Health America reveals that more children report that they feel lonely. The legislation is yet to be scheduled for the first hearing.

Young people who are between age 19 and 22 can also have access to free counseling if they get special-education services, according to the bill. Senator Janet Buckner is in support of this bill, stating that this bill will have a long lasting effect.


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