Coal Miner Frees Woman from Her Car Few Seconds Before it Bursts into Flames

A coal miner has saved a woman who could have died in her mangled car. Mercedes Boggs is…
coal miner

A coal miner has saved a woman who could have died in her mangled car. Mercedes Boggs is so lucky to be alive after involving in an accident. Boggs was going to work when her vehicle hit a patch of ice. The car flipped on a side and slid down to rest in a frigid creek.

After Boggs regained consciousness, she realized she was trapped in her car. Luckily for her, a stranger came toward her and rescued her.

When I saw him, it was just like everything was fine. I wasn’t even scared anymore. I just knew that that was like my saving grace.


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The Good Samaritan that rescued Boggs was a coal miner. As he was trying to help Boggs up the embankment, her car went up in flames. If coal miner John Burke had come later, Boggs would have died in the inferno.

John was coming back from his night shift when he noticed someone was trapped in a car. Boggs was taken to the hospital and she didn’t have the chance to know who saved her life. Boggs had to reach out Facebook with the hope of finding her guardian angel.

Please please share this in the hope to help me find the man that saved my life, I owe him deeply. I would just like to speak to him. Without him, this situation would’ve been much different.

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John saw this message and messaged Boggs. When John spoke with Boggs, he downplayed his role in the rescue. He didn’t see himself as a hero. However, Boggs and her family disagreed because they knew that Boggs would have died if not for John’s timely intervention. Boggs really appreciates what John did and she will ever be grateful.

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