City of Sydney goes 100% green with renewable energy

A quarter of a million people living in the City of Sydney can now say that they are…

A quarter of a million people living in the City of Sydney can now say that they are living in a 100% green metropolitan community.

The Australian city has more than a decade of carbon neutrality under its belt. With 2007 marking its first year of neutrality, the City of Sydney was carbon neutral before any other district in the country.

Like many environmentally conscious and forward-thinking countries, Australia has set a goal for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It is the country’s hope that a decade from now, they will have achieved a seventy percent reduction in emissions.

Though many countries have similar goals, few are making the headway that Australia is making. Now that the City of Sydney is running completely on renewable energy, they are ahead of schedule. They are on track to meet their goal for a seventy percent reduction in emissions by 2024.

Clover Moore, the Lord Mayor of Sydney, is focused on taking action to fight climate change. She wrote on Twitter about just how much of the world’s emissions are coming from cities, and how important it is that cities lead the way by taking action:

She also discussed how the move to completely green energy offers a trifecta of benefits: it is good for the environment, good for creating new jobs, and good from a financial perspective:

The deal that has led to the City of Sydney’s rebirth as a completely green city is a $60 million one. For the next ten years, the deal will save half a million dollars every year.

The green energy now powering the City of Sydney comes from wind—thanks to Sapphire Wind Farm—and sun—courtesy of Bomen Solar Farm and Shoalhaven Solar Farm. The use of these farms will also mean more jobs for Australians.

The City of Sydney has set a great example for other municipalities. As a brand-new paragon of renewable energy, the city is leading the way for other governments, in Sydney and across the world, to follow suit and go completely green.

Article sources: EuroNews, Electrek

Featured image source: Clover Moore on Twitter

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