City in Atlanta Provided the Biggest Free Food Forest in the Country

The Biggest free food forest has been created in Atlanta where people can freely pick up veggies and…
Biggest free food forest

The Biggest free food forest has been created in Atlanta where people can freely pick up veggies and fruits. This seven-acre farm contains both medicinal and edible crops and it is available for people who need them.

The Food Forest at Browns Mill project is one of the food forests that has the largest visits in the country. Several individuals and organizations try to solve the problems of hunger and food deserts. These two problems are one of the growing concerns in Atlanta.

According to the USDA’s Food Access Research Atlas, nearly 125,000 people reside in areas known as food deserts due to the distance from grocery stores. Food deserts are areas that lack access to healthy food options and affordable food since grocery stores are far.

With the biggest free food forest, the City of Atlanta, and the U.S Forest Service with support from the Conservation fund, these organization plans to ensure the this former pecan-farm continues to feed this community.

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This farm is just a few minutes from Atlanta airport and the closest grocery store for residents is a 30-minute ride. This initiative is using practices known as “agroforestry.” Agroforestry is an agricultural term that describes marrying the field and forest to help benefit the climate.

Access to green space and healthy foods is very important. And that’s a part of our mission. Michael McCord, a local arborist.

There are no reports that people take more than what they need, and full-time volunteers harvest and distributes the leftover food.  Cooking and gardening classes are held to teach members of the community about foods that contain healthy nutrient.

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