Chinese Monk Saves 8,000 Stray Dogs

Chinese monk Zhi Xiang is indeed a dog’s best friend. He saved 8,000 stray dogs. One would say…
Chinese monk

Chinese monk Zhi Xiang is indeed a dog’s best friend. He saved 8,000 stray dogs. One would say his love for dogs is out of this world. The police had hauled off some dogs from Shanghai but Xiang had come to the rescue of these dogs.

Xiang is ready to give these dogs a new life. He will be sheltering them at a dog shelter or an ancient monastery. So far, Xiang already houses 8,000 dogs. He cares for them and feeds them. A few hundred dogs will resettle in North America or Europe

The 51-year-old Chinese monk said he had no choice other than rescuing them. Xiang has been rescuing these animals for the past 27 years. He started by treating cats who had been injured. He maintained that in those days, the number of stray animals was minimal, but things have changed now.

China has seen an increase in the pet market and this has contributed to the country’s growing wealth, but some people abandon these animals when they no longer want to cater to their needs anymore.

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This is not caused by people who dislike dogs, or by the government, but by so-called dog lovers who don’t have proper animal-caring knowledge.


In 2019, there were about 50 million stray animals in China and the number is almost doubling every year, according to the state media. Xiang keeps some dogs at his temple in Bao’en.

Xiang is not a vet but he lives animals. One can see it in the way he treats them, kissing and stroking them. The number of unwanted animals is growing and this is posing a huge financial strain.

The Chinese monk receives no money from the government. He has been able to cater to the needs of these animals by borrowing from his parents and other people. He gets handouts from donors also.

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