Care home connections: man drives 1,400 miles to bring his brother music

COVID-19 has separated family and friends, both the ill and the healthy. People living in a care home…
Music outside care home

COVID-19 has separated family and friends, both the ill and the healthy. People living in a care home have been even more isolated. But one pair of brothers in the States recently came together and overcame distance through music.

A man in Virginia by the name of Robert Graham decided he wanted to visit his brother. But this visit was not a quick jaunt. His brother, Bill Graham, was ill and isolating far away in Bozeman, Montana. The Virginia to Montana trip was 1,400 miles long.

Robert wouldn’t be able to spend time with Bill in person once he arrived, so he figured out another way to connect with his brother.

He called in a favor with an old friend: Jeannie Little. She works at Montana State University as the trombone instructor:

So I called Jeannie up and said, ‘Jeannie put together a trombone section for me,’ and I brought the music and here we are.”

Robert Graham

Five trombones came together to serenade Bill. They played a variety of songs, including hymns.

Robert may not have been able to chat face to face with his brother, but he believes that “when you resonate chords with other people, you realize that you’re connected to them in a very non-verbal way.”

And this shows the “therapeutic nature of music.” The gesture moved Bill’s wife, Chris:

It’s been really, really a tough time. My husband is sick and injured, and the pandemic — it means everything.

Chris Delaney

She too believes in a community’s ability to stay connected despite distance, saying that their “community is healing with each other” and though they remain distanced, they “don’t have to be isolated.”

Robert said that his gesture outside the care home communicated his love for his brother:

I’m just here to be here for him. And I think he realized that I drove all this way for him because I love him, and all you can do is show up.

Robert Graham

Listen to the trombone serande on KXLF’s website.

Article source: KXLF

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