Cancer Survivor Completes Grueling Triathlon-Covers 330 Miles in 5 days

A cancer survivor, Andrea Mason has broken a record as the first woman to complete grueling Triathlon and…
Cancer survivor

A cancer survivor, Andrea Mason has broken a record as the first woman to complete grueling Triathlon and cover 330 miles in 5 days. Mason could barely eat amidst the duration of the “insane” challenge, but she was very excited when she finally crossed the finish line on Wednesday morning.

The race which began at 6:15 am involved swimming around Lake Annecy’s circumference and then cycling and running up Mont Blanc at 15,774 ft.

39-year-old Mason had severe pain, hallucinations, and cramping, but she managed to carry on and completed the race in four days, 23 hours, and 41 minutes.

Mason Andrea was diagnosed with severe endometriosis and cervical cancer in 2017, a life-threatening disease that requires life-saving surgery.

Mason had a successful operation and now she hopes to raise awareness of women’s reproductive health, especially endometriosis,  a health condition that results in painful or heavy periods.

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 This cancer survivor has set up her own charity, Lady Talk Matters, to normalize the conversation that surrounds female reproductive matters.

I feel happy, exhausted, and relieved. I am so happy all went to plan as there were so many things that could have gone wrong. I wanted to do it in five days, and I did, but it was tough, really tough.

I had some low moments, particularly when I couldn’t sleep in my limited rest periods, and when I couldn’t keep any food down as I was running.


Andrea Mason swam 23 miles around Lake Annecy’s circumference, cycled 205 miles and then climbed 30,000 feet around Mont Blanc, and ran 105 miles with 4,000 feet of vertical climbing around the Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc.

It was bigger than I imagined, the impact on my body was huge, but every time I felt like stopping and considered giving up, I kept remembering why I was doing it.


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