Canadian MPs Pass Bill Prohibiting Conversion Therapy

On Tuesday, June 22nd, Canadian MPs passed a bill that prohibits conversion therapy. Conversion therapy has been disapproved…
Canadian MPs

On Tuesday, June 22nd, Canadian MPs passed a bill that prohibits conversion therapy. Conversion therapy has been disapproved by the World Psychiatric Association and NHS. This is a practice that tries to alter the gender identity or sexual orientation of a person. This practice often uses electroshock therapy or prayer to achieve its aim.

The bill passed the House with conservative MPs and Independent MP Derek Sloan and former party members voting against it. The ruling Liberal party in Canada had promised to prohibit such a harmful practice in the year 2019 when it revealed its election manifesto.

This new bill would ban suspected minors and adults wouldn’t be allowed to go through conversion therapy against their will. Once this bill is approved, nobody will be permitted to advertise this practice.

Conversion therapy has no place in Canada. And even though more than half of the Conservative caucus voted against it, the House of Commons has passed our legislation to criminalize this harmful and degrading practice. We’ll always stand up for LGBTQ2 Canadians and their rights.

Canadian Prime minister

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The Queen has revealed the government’s intentions to criminalize conversion therapy. The Queen maintained that measures will be adopted to address the ethnic and racial disparities and prohibit conversion therapy.

She further said that the government will renew the constitution and strengthen democracy to restore the balance of power among the three arms of the government.

When Boris Johnson visited a school in Kent last year, he described the therapy as abhorrent, maintaining that it has no place in the country. Despite Boris Johnson’s vow to prohibit conversion therapy, activists of LGBTQ+ were skeptical about a ban being implemented.

A former member of the LGBT+ Advisory Panel, Jayne Ozanne, said she is glad to hear that measures will be adopted to prohibit conversion therapy in the country. As Canadian MPs take a bold step to ban conversion therapy, this is a relief for the LGBTQ+ community.

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