Canada lets children be heard with youth parliament

One young boy wants “to make Canada the best place in the world for kids to grow up.”…
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One young boy wants “to make Canada the best place in the world for kids to grow up.”

His name is Roman Wolfli. He’s a Calgary native and a member of a parliament group. And he is only thirteen years old.

June saw the first ever session of the Young Canadians’ Parliament take place. About 75 young Canadians gathered virtually to talk about “mental health and how to handle the pandemic before presenting their ideas to federals MPs.”

There were three MCs at the session. One of them was Wolfli. He doesn’t know if he wants to go into politics in the long run. But he does now that he wants to make Canada better for kids right now.

The Young Canadians’ Parliament is a government initiative. Its goal is “to help children learn about their specific rights… and to advocate on their own behalf about decisions that affect them.” The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child defined these rights.

We want to create a platform to support children and youth to be meaningfully engaged in the protection of their rights throughout the COVID-19 crisis and recovery efforts, with a view to creating a sustainable model to ensure continued mentoring, skills development and democratic engagement into the future. 

Young Canadians’ Parliament

An 11-year-old named Camila King presented the ideas of her group. Their ideas were about helping kids during the coronavirus and “included installing hand sanitizing stations in playgrounds and providing kid-sized gloves, and teaching young kids how to make space bubbles to maintain social distance.”

Other focuses of the parliament include mental health. Wolfli’s personal focus is on children’s mental health concerns. He believes listening to kids will help to create change:

When a child tells you what they’ve seen in their community or what they know to be true, that is such a powerful and important tool in achieving change in these fields.

Roman Wolfli

The virtual session resulted in a substantial list of ideas offered to those politicians who were in attendance.

Article source: The Star

Featured image source: The Star

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