Cambodian Dog Meat Slaughterhouse that Drowned 200 Dogs a Day Has Been Closed Down

A Cambodian dog meat slaughterhouse that once claimed it drowned about 200 dogs a day has been shut…
Cambodian dog meat slaughterhouse

A Cambodian dog meat slaughterhouse that once claimed it drowned about 200 dogs a day has been shut down.  FOUR PAWS saved 16 dogs from the facility and closed it down. This Cambodian dog slaughterhouse has been existing for about 26 years.

FOUR PAWS revealed that the Cambodian dog meat slaughterhouse could be responsible for the deaths of more than a million dogs since it was claimed that it drowned about 200 dogs per day to supply meat to Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia. FOUR PAWS removed the wire cages at the slaughterhouse, rescued 16 dogs, and then demolished its tanks.

Dr. Katherine Polak, head of FOUR PAWS Stray Animal Care, said that the discovery of the slaughterhouse was one the most shocking experiences. She noted that when their team found the elevated water tanks, it became evident that the facility was meant for the mass killing of dogs. For more than 25 years, the facility had drowned over a million dogs.

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Drowning dogs result in severe pains and sufferings. The 16 dogs rescued were the only dogs that survived this terrible practice that isn’t acceptable in modern practice.

The owner of the slaughterhouse signed a contract assuring the Cambodian government and FOUR PAWS that he will never involve in the trade of dog meat again. The owner will get help to convert the facility into a construction company and goods store in exchange for agreeing to the shutdown.

The 16 dogs FOUR PAWS saved from the Cambodian slaughterhouse will join other dogs rescued from the van they intercepted. Paw Patrol Cambodia in Siem Reap and Animal Rescue Cambodia in Phnom Penh will take care of the 77 dogs and prepare them for adoption.

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