California Wildfire: A Kitten that Resembles Baby Yoda Gets Rescued

Since the California wildfire began, a lot of lives have been rescued and this includes a kitten that…
California wildfire

Since the California wildfire began, a lot of lives have been rescued and this includes a kitten that looks like baby Yoda. This kitten who was recently rescued is said to have a striking resemblance with a baby Yoda.

The kitten who is about 2 to 3 weeks old was found in the middle of the road while firefighters were battling the North Complex Fire in Northern California on September 20.

After the kitten was rescued she was immediately taken to the Cal Oak Animal Shelter to be examined by a veterinarian, According to North Valley Animal Disaster Group. The group named her Baby Yoda since she looked like one.

As of last night, her foster has said she is doing great,” North Valley vice president Norm. Baby Yoda will have no problem finding a home.


A medical foster care provider now caters to the needs of baby Yoda. She will remain there until she is ready for adoption. Baby Yoda who has enormous ears, a little button nose, and round eyes looks exactly like the “Star Wars” character and this little creature is hard to resist. According to the group, a lot of people have been showing interest in adopting her.

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The rescue group waits at for a while hoping that displaced victims of fires claim rescued pets before giving them out for adoption. The Pet Harbor website contains the list of animals lost or displaced in the wildfire.

We will hang on to the animals and give everyone a chance to get their lives together before claiming their animals. Who knows, Baby Yoda’s parents might be out there looking for her and waiting to get her back.


The California wildfire has been a huge threat to people’s lives and there are over 70 large wildfires burning across the western United States. This wildfire has caused a lot of damages, authorities and firefighters are still looking forward to a lasting solution.

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