British Man Builds A Zoo Without Bars After Quitting Job and Selling Home

A British man has recently abandoned his teaching job and sold his home to fund the creation of…
British man

A British man has recently abandoned his teaching job and sold his home to fund the creation of a zoo. Martin Blyth who is the director of the Heart of England Wildlife Park, Worcestershire is a 28-year old British man that taught at a private school before abandoning his job.

According to him, he is fulfilling a dream he had always wished for since he was a child. He further said that the zoo which he created will home about 300 animals, however, the zoo will have no bars to pen the creatures in.

This park won’t be like a traditional park where cars can drive through, however, it is going to be a “walk-through safari” that is built in a way that visitors and animals are safe. This site is 30 acres with multiple educational programs and a visitor center.

Blyth said that his intention for creating the park is to dedicate to conservation and protecting wildlife species from the dangers of extinction in the wild.
The Heart of England Wildlife Park will be welcoming visitors by Easter 2021.

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According to Blyth, Pelicans, Zebra, Lemurs, and meerkats will be included in the initial animal selection, however, he hopes to have 50 several species which will include tigers and lions.

Connected With the Region

I not only care passionately about education and wildlife conservation, but I am incredibly fond of my local area and believe Heart of England Wildlife Park is exactly the sort of attraction that is needed to boost economic growth and employment within the region.


Blyth said that they had met with the local council and they support their vision to create a world-class attraction. The Park will exhibit wildlife and as well as celebrate the historical, agricultural, and cultural roots evidenced throughout this part of the country.

A sum of £300,000 is needed to get the park off the ground and a crowd-funding campaign has started. In exchange for donations, donors can take part in the decision-making process as regards the creation of the zoo. Donors won’t have any shares in the zoo.

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