British Dad Raises Funds for Charity through His Adorably Amateurish Pet Portraits

This British dad has been able to raise funds for charity after he made a pet portrait of…
British dad

This British dad has been able to raise funds for charity after he made a pet portrait of a black Labrador. Phil Heckels started gaining popularity six weeks ago. Heckels was trying to help his son to make a thank you card for the family.

The British dad then decided to draw a black Labrador, Narla. Narla is a family dog and heckles made a portrait of him to inspire his six-year-old son. He later uploaded this picture on Facebook with a jokey caption that offers to sell it for £299 (around $390).

Before Heckles knew what was happening, he had already gotten seven requests from friends who needed a portrait of their pets. Heckles started receiving several messages and offers.

Heckels had to set up a dedicated Facebook page to attend to people’s needs. The Page’s tagline read “Extremely realistic pictures which will grace any household.” The artist reveals that he has over 1,000 requests.

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When one of Heckle’s clients insisted on paying him for his work, the artist didn’t take the money. He told his client that the money should be given to charity instead. The British dad created a JustGiving fundraiser for Turning Tides, charity for the homeless.

Over £11,500 (around $15,000) has been realized from the fundraiser so far and Heckels said he is passionate about ending homelessness. He has made about 220 portraits so far.

It is like a little bit of fun and a little bit of light when there isn’t much to be cheery about at the minute. I would die a happy man if I could spend the rest of my life doing this.


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