British Boy Who Left Singapore After Life-Saving Treatment is Free From Cancer

A British boy who had battled cancer is now free from cancer after undergoing life-saving treatment. A year…
British boy

A British boy who had battled cancer is now free from cancer after undergoing life-saving treatment. A year ago, Oscar Saxelby-Lee underwent experimental cancer treatment at the National University Hospital.

When Oscar came to Singapore in 2019, he was seriously battling acute lymphoblastic leukemia. He had tried all treatment in the United Kingdom, but they all proved abortive. He was said to be cancer-free after he underwent treatment in Singapore.

After the treatment, he was discharged. Seven-year-old Oscar is still free of cancer. His mother Olivia said that the journey has been smooth after his treatment.

Since we’ve been back Oscar is just thriving and he’s doing really well. I mean, he’s defying the odds every single day. We are just living day by day … he is a miracle.


She revealed that the journey wasn’t an easy one. The isolation, transfusions, and treatments had their effect on Oscar. Oscar who was diagnosed with chronic lymphoblastic leukemia had gone through a series of treatments and tests.

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Acute lymphoblastic leukemia begins in the bone marrow and affects the blood. He went through intense chemotherapy, stem cell transplant, and radiotherapy, which all failed. They flew to Singapore when they learned about the experimental treatment.

The treatment was a recent discovery and Oscar was allowed to undergo it based on compassionate grounds. The treatment was successful, it killed the cancer cells. However, Oscar’s recovery wasn’t an easy one.

The British boy went through physiotherapy and he was exhausted. Oscar’s parents maintained that his recovery was a miracle. Going back to school was great. At first, when Oscar got to Singapore, he couldn’t walk. Now he can run, walk, and jump. Fighting cancer doesn’t end his hospital appointments, Oscar still goes for checkups.

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