Bloomberg Philanthropies Gives Black Medical Schools $100M Gift

Bloomberg Philanthropies donated a gift of $100 million to four medical schools at Black Colleges and Universities. This…
Bloomberg Philanthropies

Bloomberg Philanthropies donated a gift of $100 million to four medical schools at Black Colleges and Universities. This donation will provide financial assistance to over 50% of about 800 students who are currently enrolled in these schools.

According to the Association of American Medical Colleges, only 5 percent of the medical doctors in the U.S are black.  The four medical schools to receive this donation include Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science, Meharry Medical College, Morehouse School of Medicine, and Howard University College of Medicine.

This donation is the largest ever received. It will provide students with opportunities to further their education and serve those who need them.  According to Bloomberg Philanthropies, Black patients get better results when treated by Black doctors.

Michael Bloomberg who founded Bloomberg Philanthropies mentioned that the recent pandemic has been tough on the Black community and as such it is necessary to invest in black doctors. The shortage of black doctors during the pandemic has led to a crisis.

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COVID-19 has been especially devastating for the Black community, and the scarcity of Black doctors practicing in Black communities is one reason for it.

The burden of student debt and lack of financial aid means that the shortage of Black doctors could get even worse. More Black doctors will mean more Black lives saved and fewer health problems that limit economic opportunity.

Michael Bloomberg

The donation will help students to pursue their careers and serve those patients who need them. The importance of this donation can’t be underestimated, according to the AAMC. Those schools mention above have birthed many Black doctors for the past ten years.

Healthcare disparities exist for a myriad of reasons related to systemic infrastructural issues, not the least of which is the dearth of Black doctors. Black doctors with cultural competency are a major part of the solution, but their path is often hampered by a compromised financial situation.

This gift from Bloomberg Philanthropies is the first stone dropped into a calm lake of opportunity and promise. The ripple effects that it will have on the lives of our students and our programs will carry on for generations.

President of Howard University

Bloomberg Philanthropies does not only help to serve Black medical students but also collaborated with organizations and leaders to support efforts that increase social and economic mobility in the Black community.

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