Big Companies Are Trying to Fix Poll Workers’ Shortage in the United States

A group of big companies is helping to fix poll workers’ shortage in the US. These companies are…
Big companies

A group of big companies is helping to fix poll workers’ shortage in the US. These companies are making effort to enlist a new wave of poll locations, poll workers, and PPE for the election.

Over 60 Civic Alliance member companies such as Microsoft, Twitter, Uber, Old Navy, Warby Parker, Salesforce, Target, Lyft, and Expedia are making efforts to encourage their staff or consumers to become poll workers on the election day.

Several member companies are also providing PPE and safe accessible voting spaces for local election officials. According to election experts, thousands of new locations will be required for this year’s election and hundreds of thousands of people will be needed as poll workers.

The shortage of poll workers and poll locations is directly linked to the pandemic, which requires limited people at existing polling places as a result of social distancing. Due to the observed social distancing, many public locations that could be used as polling places would be unavailable.

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Due to increased health risks, several poll workers that are above 60 years need to opt out of service this year. To bridge this gap, big companies like Warby Parker are giving team members paid time off to volunteer at poll centers and vote.

Since venues like schools and senior centers are unavailable for polling places Civic Alliance is connecting companies to provide accessible places for voting. The CEO of the Atlanta Hawks, Steve Koonin says the basketball team appreciates that the State Farm Arena can be used and as well as their staff and resources needed to offer a secure environment for Atlanta residents to get involved in the election.

The Civic Alliance has partnered with the Mission for Masks and the C19 Coalition to provide election officials with face shields, disposable gloves, and masks. Levi Stress & Co plans to donate 15,000 face masks for poll staff to ensure that nobody compromises good health for their vote.

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