Biden Required to Declare Wildlife Extinction Crisis a National Emergency

Wildlife extinction crisis should be declared as a national emergency in the United States, according to a bill…
Wildlife extinction crisis

Wildlife extinction crisis should be declared as a national emergency in the United States, according to a bill that was recently passed. This decision will unlock presidential powers to stop the unraveling of the life-support systems of the planet.

This bill was introduced by Democratic members of Congress. According to advocates declaring the wildlife extinction crisis a national emergency would enable the President to utilize executive powers to prevent the destruction of habitats and protect species whose survival is threatened by human activities.

The Extinction Crisis Emergency Act demands that federal agencies should prioritize developing healthy wildlife populations and incorporating climate change concerns into recovering endangered species.

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The bill which was unveiled with nine House co-sponsors would provide funding for agencies to make recovery plans and create habitats for endangered species.  It will also set up possible trade penalties on nations that aren’t making efforts to put an end to the illegal trade of wildlife and deforestation.

The negative impacts of climate change serve as a threat to wildlife, according to Newman. The number of animals going into extinction begins to grow in the U.S. This situation is creating a national emergency that requires immediate action. The U.S should prioritize investing in the health of wildlife. Wildlife should continue to flourish again in their natural habitats.

The extinction crisis is a real threat to our well-being and even our survival, and Rep. Newman’s legislation provides the right road map of powerful actions needed to stop the heartbreaking decline of animals and plants.  Declaring the extinction crisis to be a national emergency would unlock key presidential powers that will halt the unraveling of the planet’s life-support systems, including pollination, air purification, and disease regulation.  

Stephanie Kurose, a worker at the Center for Biological Diversity

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