Bernie Sanders Memes And Mittens Raise More Than $1.8 Million for Charity

Bernie Sanders memes and mittens raised funds for charity. So far, these memes and mittens have raised over…
Bernie Sanders memes

Bernie Sanders memes and mittens raised funds for charity. So far, these memes and mittens have raised over $1.8 million.

During the inauguration of president Joe Biden, Amanda Gorman’s stirring poem and Bernie Sanders memes and mittens was one of those enjoyable moments in the inauguration. Within 24 hours, the casual look introduced more memes than anyone could count and they were pretty much everywhere.

Bernie’s hunkered-down image was soon Photoshopped into classic paintings like Edward Hopper’s ‘Nighthawks’ and Botticelli’s ‘Birth of Venus’. He’s been inserted into contemporary pop culture with winks and nods to Sex and the City, Twilight, Where’s Waldo?, and Game of Thrones.

Sanders’ sartorial tour-de-force put some cash into a few charities. He immediately added the image to a line of merchandise on his website.

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In less than half of an hour, tees, sweatshirts, and stickers were sold out. Before you can say ‘Jack Frost’, more supplies were similarly snapped up. In all, Sanders reported that a sum of $1.8 million was raised  within five days.

Jen Ellis, the Vermont elementary school teacher who knitted the world’s most famous mittens said that Sanders called to let her know “the mitten frenzy” had raised big funds. Ellis created a new philanthropic website known as Generosity Brings Joy.

She intends to partner with businesses to create and design “Bernie Mitten Themed” products to help charity, with the hope that the “joyful, high-quality” items are some of the shortfalls of nonprofits amid the pandemic.

This is the lesson life has taught me again and again. If you give of yourself, not just material gifts, but your time, your goodwill, your kindness, you receive joy. It’s that simple. You don’t have to be rich to care; you just have to be human. We all have so many gifts, and the world is a better place when we share them.


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