Arab Towns Provide Drinks and Food to Meron Survivors, Hundreds Donate Blood in Tel Aviv

Residents in Arab towns provide food and water to people who evacuated the place of disaster at Meron,…
Arab towns

Residents in Arab towns provide food and water to people who evacuated the place of disaster at Meron, while hundreds of people also donate blood.

According to Media reports, people who reside in nearby towns and villages in the northern part of Israel created stations where they gave out food and drink to Jewish worshipers that survived the disaster at Meron.

The mayor of the Druze town close to Mount Meron, where the disaster occurred revealed that his town has set up facilities and several people opened their homes for evacuees to stay.

 They open their homes and the council’s facilities to offer any help possible. I have ordered the [town’s] emergency services to provide any help necessary to the rescue crews. The residents are ready to receive evacuees and families from the disaster area.

Mayor of the Druze town

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Arab leaders have grieved over the tragedy maintaining that this is bad news for the people. Ayman Odeh, Joint List leader, said that he was glad to see Arabs and Jews cooperate to face the disaster.

Mansour Abbas, Ra’am leader, sent condolences to the family of the bereaved. Several Israelis also came out in Tel Aviv to donate blood. According to a woman who came out to donate blood, she maintained that she waited for a few hours before she could donate blood, however, she felt this was the right thing to do.

The disaster led to the death of at least 45 people and over 150 people were injured. Thousands of people were at Mount Meron for a yearly pilgrimage when the disaster occurred. Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime Minister, maintained that Sunday would be a day of National mourning after he visited the site of the disaster.

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