Apple’s $4.7 Billion Green Bond Spend to Generate Gigawatts of Clean Power

Apple’s $4.7 Billion Green Bond spend will generate clean power in local communities. This will also reduce the…
$4.7 Billion Green Bond

Apple’s $4.7 Billion Green Bond spend will generate clean power in local communities. This will also reduce the emissions of carbon. Apple sponsored 17 Green Bond projects that will prevent the emission of an average of 921, 000 metric tons of carbon per year. This is equivalent to getting rid of almost 200,000 cars from the road.

These renewable projects funded by Apple will help to produce about 1.2 gigawatts of renewable energy across the globe, with the company adding more than 350 megawatts of renewable energy in Virginia, Nevada, Denmark, and Illinois over the last year.

Apple is dedicated to protecting the planet we all share with solutions that are supporting the communities where we work. We all have a responsibility to do everything we can to fight against the impacts of climate change, and our $4.7 billion investment of the proceeds from our Green Bond sales is an important driver in our efforts. Ultimately, clean power is good business.

the vice president of Environment, Policy, and Social Initiatives of Apple.

Apple has made the investment in the proceeds from the Green Bonds to facilitate global efforts in the reduction of carbon emissions.  Apple issued a $1.5 billion Green Bond for the first time in February 2016.

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In June 2017, it issued another $1 billion Green Bond after the announcement of the former US Administration to withdraw from the agreement it reached at Climate Change Conference (COP21).

In 2019, the multinational technology company issued its third round of Green Bonds which is the first in Europe.  Apple has continued to sponsor projects that aim to improve carbon reductions, renewable energy, carbon sequestration, energy efficiency, and carbon mitigation.

Over half of Apple’s total Green Bond spend has been allocated and the company aims to continue investing in projects that address the issue of carbon emissions. The giant tech company revealed its intentions to become carbon neutral in its whole business by 2030.

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