Anyone in Oklahoma Can Now Receive the Covid-19 Vaccine

Oklahoma is now vaccinating anyone residing in the state. This has been made possible by several Native tribes…

Oklahoma is now vaccinating anyone residing in the state. This has been made possible by several Native tribes in the state. The Chickasaw Nation ensure that all appointments about the COVID-19 vaccine were opened to all residents, irrespective of where they are from

Other tribes in Oklahoma have also started giving out vaccines to people who aren’t citizens. The Choctaw, Potawatomi Nations, and the Osage are giving all members of the public vaccines. The Cherokee Nation is also attending to residents within its 14-county jurisdiction.

Meanwhile, Oklahoma, is now on the third phase of its vaccine distribution plan. This phase covers a wide range of people which include the elderly, those with underlying medical conditions, healthcare workers, teachers, first responders, students, essential workers, and government officials.  According to the state’s plan, all residents won’t be eligible until the fourth phase.

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The Indian Health Service allocated the vaccine to the tribes in Oklahoma. These tribes have shown that they could receive shots into arms and they have vaccinated more and more people.  Chickasaw’s Chief Medical officer, Dr. John Krueger, praised the tribe for its ability to provide non-Native members of the community with vaccines.

The Chickasaw Nation has just set up a new facility in Ada city with 16 drive-thru lines. According to Krueger, the tribe has other vaccination sites and a team that travels to people’s homes. People who fall within the priority groups in the Chickasaw Nation have received vaccines, and the tribe can now vaccinate those outside the tribe.

We are a part of these communities, and they are a part of us. The faster we can get all of us back to essential protection, the better it is for us and the better it is for everyone.

Krueger said.

Over 30,000 vaccines have been administered to people in the Chickasaw Nation, according to Krueger. Nearly 35,000 Chickasaw citizens reside within the jurisdiction of the tribe in south-central Oklahoma.

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