An Old Germanic Tomb With Great Mystery Has Been Uncovered by Archaeologists

An old Germanic Tomb has been recently uncovered by Archaeologist. This tomb is reported to have six women…
Old Germanic tomb

An old Germanic Tomb has been recently uncovered by Archaeologist. This tomb is reported to have six women buried around a Cauldron. It appears that this ancient tomb belongs to a high-status lord. Asides the six women buried around the tomb, there are animal sacrifices and valuable gold artifacts buried in the tomb.

This discovery is described as the most important excavation for the past forty years in Germany. The tomb is an archaic burial site that dates back 1,500 years. There is a cauldron at the center of the tomb and this is encircled by the remains of six women.

The Daily Mail revealed that the tomb might have belonged to an ancient Germanic lord. The design and contents of the tomb’s complex reflect the status of whom it is dedicated.

The tomb also features the remains of several animals such as dogs, cattle, and 11 horses. The tomb is also surrounded by about 60 other graves. Whoever this Tomb was meant for, it must have been a high-status individual.

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This burial site was mistakenly uncovered during a chicken farm’s construction. The greatest mystery of this burial site is the cauldron which was placed in its center and encircled by six female bodies.

The remains of the high-status figure whom the burial site is for is yet to be known, however, researchers have their guesses. It is quite early to determine the reasons behind the six women bodies encircling the cauldron, but there are several possible explanations.

These women could be concubines or devotees of the ancient lord. Researchers are yet to determine how these women died, pointing out the fact that the women were either involuntarily scarified or voluntarily sacrificed to accompany the ancient lord in his journey to the land of the dead.

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