An elementary school kid raises funds to donate multicultural crayons to schools

Have you ever seen a child with an act of kindness moving you to do likewise and help…

Have you ever seen a child with an act of kindness moving you to do likewise and help the community in whatever capacity you can? Teaching children about giving back to the society and reaching out to their fellow ones no matter their background, skin color, or looks; is an important aspect of becoming a passionate and well-rounded member of that society.

Here is a Santa Ynez Valley elementary school student, Madison Wilson, who raises money to have an impact on the life of her fellow kids in school, by donating multicultural crayons and books to the local school. Do you know what she did? She discovered that Crayola will release a 24-pack of multicultural crayons referred to as ‘Colors of the World’ in July. She thereafter asked her mom if she could raise funds to donate these crayons to her school.

She must have learned that it is a great virtue to help others. Probably, her mom’s behavior could have motivated her to think of such a noble thing. However, her mom did not silence her when she asked her, nor tell her is not in the right position to do that as a kid, instead, her surprised mom must have motivated her to carry on with such splendid ideas.

Wilson said she hoped to provide crayons to all children in school, no matter their skin color, to enable them to draw themselves beautifully and accurately. She also desires to use the money she raises to purchase 500 multicultural books from local stores and donate them.

Her goal is to raise $3,000 with the deadline on June 30 and has raised $2,790 as of the afternoon of June 23. Once she can achieve her goals, she wants to continue raising funds for other Santa Ynez Valley schools.

Make love part of your children’s lives, as it is something they can use for the rest of their lives that will make you and them proud.

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