Americans are Grateful for Things that Bring ‘Little Joys’ these Days

A large number of Americans said that they find “little joys” in some things these days in a…
Americans are grateful

A large number of Americans said that they find “little joys” in some things these days in a poll that was recently conducted. 83% of people who partook in the poll said that it is the little things that bring the most joy and these things have become much more important to them in the past few months.

Fortunately, four of these little things are experienced by the average respondent every day. OnePoll conducted the survey on Bubbies Ice Cream’s behalf and it was revealed that most of the little things respondents were thankful for were related to great outdoors and nature.

Another popular thing that brings “little joy” to these respondents is the ‘feeling the sun on the face.’  The smell of the ocean, blue sky’s arrival on a sunny day, and listening to the beats of the rain or the thunderstorm while indoor were among the top 30 things that bring little joys.

Family and friends were regarded as the key factor that brings ‘little joys’ in a third of the top ten. It isn’t surprising that seeing one’s family and friends after being apart was number 1.

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Some respondents were thankful for sleeping on a neatly made bed, getting something for free, and having time to myself.  We can see that getting things for free made it to the top.  Who doesn’t like money?

Some favorite answers we got from respondents were the smell of freshly-made meals, getting something in the kitchen, and the first sip of morning coffee. Americans now find ‘little joy’ in these things and they are grateful for them.

The Vice president of Marketing at Bubbies Ice Cream, Katie Cline said that “We’ve seen the joy that comes from these indulgences and know that celebrating the small moments in life is critical when it comes to navigating stressful times.”

This has really taught us that we shouldn’t take little things for granted because in these things we can find joy.

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