After 31 Years of Working in TV, Daniel Dae Kim Gets First Series Lead

Daniel Dae Kim has landed his first TV series lead after working in TV for good 31 years.…
Daniel Dae Kim

Daniel Dae Kim has landed his first TV series lead after working in TV for good 31 years. Several entertainers have been pouring out congratulatory messages to the star actor and executive producer. National Geographics disclosed that Kim and Tony Goldwyn have been tapped to star in the second season of “The Hot Zone.”

Hardly the biggest news given what’s going on in the world today. But after 31 years of working in TV, this is my first series lead.


His fellow actors, screenwriters, and entertainment journalists were quick to praise Kim. Daniel Dae Kim played the role of Jin-Soo Kwon in “Lost.” He was one of the Flight 815 survivors and the husband of Sun Kwon. He also played the role of Dectective Lieutenant Chin Ho Kelly in “Hawaii Five-0.”

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Since then, Kim has appeared in several TV series such as “She-Ra,”  “Flack,” and the “The Good Doctor” among others.  Adele Lim the screenwriter of “Crazy Rich Asians” tweeted “ Can not Wait!!”

The next season of “The Hot Zone” titled “Anthrax,” will feature Kim as an FBI agent, Matthew Ryker, who specializes in Microbiology. In this new season, Kim will team up with Goldwyn to track down and reveal the 2001 anthrax killer.

Tony and Daniel are both wonderfully versatile and dimensional actors who will bring complexity and depth to these characters. We can’t wait for their star turns in this startling, authentic, and timely scientific thriller.

Carolyn Bernstein, executive vice president of scripted and documentary films for National Geographic.

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