Africans Empowered to Write Wikipedia Articles About Their Countries and Culture

Wikipedia articles are one of the most-read articles on Earth and it contains almost all kinds of information.…
Wikipedia articles

Wikipedia articles are one of the most-read articles on Earth and it contains almost all kinds of information. Through reading Wikipedia articles, one can have an entire view of the world.

When Wikipedia stores more information about Paris city than the African continent, one can say this would have a negative impact on how young Africans see their home. Westerners wrote a large part of African culture and geography on Wikipedia.

When Africans don’t have well-detailed information about their culture, this can result in stereotyping. Africans may see a small aspect of the African story can be seen as a whole story.

The WikiAfrica Education Program was founded with the aim of enhancing creativity and improving African’s interest in their culture. To achieve this, students will be taught how to write and edit Wikipedia articles.

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Through the WikiAfrica Program, students have contributed about 40,000 submissions since 2006 and these include articles, photos, and video clips among others. Most of these submissions were written in African languages.

Adama Sanneh, one of the founders of the Moleskine Foundation, believes that creativity develops culture, and culture changes society. The Moleskine Foundation was set up to encourage Africans into changing their daily lives.

We aim to inspire young people from the continent and beyond, and especially African language speakers, to transform themselves from passive knowledge consumers to active knowledge producers.


The WikiAfrica Education Program considers African languages as important since you can’t express a culture without its language. For instance, the Chinese Confucian theology was written in Chinese. When the pandemic began, the importance of African languages couldn’t be overemphasized as there were no guidelines or information provided in African languages.

The WikiAfrica Education Program now incorporates Wikipedia skills in the curriculums of schools across the world.

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