Abandoned Senior Dogs Now Live Out Their Lives with Love At This New Retirement Sanctuary

Some abandoned senior dogs are kept at Marty’s Place in Upper Freehold, New Jersey. When Doreen Jakubcak, the…
abandoned senior dogs

Some abandoned senior dogs are kept at Marty’s Place in Upper Freehold, New Jersey. When Doreen Jakubcak, the founder of Marty’s Place realized that older pooches have less chance of getting adopted, she then took it upon herself to start looking out for the underdogs. She focused on rehomed canines that are age 7 and above.

At this doggy retirement village, there are amenities like generous living quarters, regular exercise, medical and dental care, and activities based on their capabilities.

There is also plenty of sofas for just hanging out. An in-ground pool is also installed for dogs inclined to take a dip. With all these amenities, every dog is entitled to having a great day. Some dogs at this sanctuary end up getting adopted, while some have to live all their lives in the sanctuary.

 When we commit to a dog that comes to Marty’s Place they do have a forever home,  forever home can be here at the sanctuary, and when we can we try to place a dog into a new adoptive home.


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According to Jakubcak,  Marty’s Place has been caring for dogs from age 10 to 18. The majority of these dogs have got some pre-existing health conditions, which makes it difficult to find new “furever” homes. Even so, Jakubcak believes older dogs should also be adopted by prospective adopters.

Most times, people get discouraged when they hear senior dogs, they always think they are boring. However, some are highly-energetic and only need lots of exercise and stimulation.

I do believe they know instinctively what you did for them and they are forever grateful. That bond… is nothing like you could imagine.


Marty’s Place is not just a sanctuary, it’s a family where senior pooches feel loved and wanted. The dogs, staff, and volunteers are all members of the family. Everybody in the sanctuary truly embraces the dogs caters to them.

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