A Woman who wanted to Adopt a new Pet Found Her Missing Dog

A missing dog was finally found by his owners after two years of going missing. A woman who…
Missing dog

A missing dog was finally found by his owners after two years of going missing. A woman who needed a new pet was looking for ways to adopt, fortunately, she found her missing dog. The dog had gone missing for two years. Aisha Nieves was scrolling through the pictures of adoptable dogs when found the picture of her missing pet.

Kovu, who had gone missing for two years in Pennsylvania was Aisha’s best friend. She said Kovu was her baby and he went anywhere with her. The pit bull-Rottweiler crossbreed was picked up as a stray dog. He got missing when a created a hole in Aisha’s fence. The dog escaped through the hole.

However, he got rescued and was transferred to the Lehigh County Humane Society. When Kovu go there he was renamed.  After four months, he went through medical treatment for inflammation and fleas.

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Aisha had searched for her dog, but she couldn’t find him. However, when asked the humane society if they saw Kovu, it was too late. Kovu was with a new family. According to LCHS community engagement manager, the family who adopted Kovu faced some eviction problems and had to return Kovu to the humane society.

Luckily, it was at that time Aisha was looking for a pet to adopt. When Aisha saw the scar around his right eye, she knew it was Kovu. On realizing this, she contacted the humane society.

After submitting proof of ownership to LCHS the woman came to visit the dog and it was apparent to all that when they reunited Ash was, in fact, Kovu, her beloved pet from years before.


Aisha was a bit worried that Kovu would no longer remember her. Surprisingly, the two fell in love again within a short time. When the duo reunited, Aisha and the dog looked into each other’s eyes and Kovu began to wag his tail immediately.

When Kovu saw Aisha, he started yelling, jumping, screaming, and kissing her. The humane society embraces pet owners to microchip and tags their pets so that they can easily trace them when they get lost.

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