A Vicar overcomes his fear of Heights climbing 165-feet

An English Vicar, Reverend Sam Leach has successfully overcome his acrophobia (fear of heights), after he climbed o…
English vicar overcomes fear of heights

An English Vicar, Reverend Sam Leach has successfully overcome his acrophobia (fear of heights), after he climbed o the top of his church spire, which is about 165-feet from the ground.

Reverend Sam Leach revealed that he has always had this fear of heights, but decided to set himself free by taking on the vertigo challenge, while money was raised for the repairs needed urgently at his Devon church.

On Thursday, he got himself attached to a rope, and he scaled the church spire to the top successfully, despite having this sick feeling at the prospect. Sam teamed up with three others, climbing up and down under one hour. Regarding the feeling he had while on top, he said:

It was exhilarating. Actually, I would do it again. The view was so amazing looking out over the town center. The fear this morning when I first got up there left my knees trembling. It was unnerving seeing a 25m (82ft) ladder on top of ten flights of scaffolding. In the past, even going up an escalator was too much without hanging onto the rail.

I was not worried about my safety as I was attached to a rope, I was worried about whether I would freeze on the rungs and not be able to go up or down. I was really nervous but, strangely, not quite as terrified as I thought I would be. Maybe it was people praying or something, but when I got to it, I just looked straight ahead. I was not looking up as that’s what makes me go giddy.


The Vicar gave a tip to others having this fear. Just focus “on one step at a time.”

The Key Is Hospitality

St Mary Magdalene in Torquay, which happened to be Sam’s church, is presently covered in scaffolding for external repairs, which got its funds from a grant released by the National Lottery Heritage Fund in the UK.

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But as the work continued, there was a need to do some kitchen repairs, worth $9,000 (£7,000). Sam revealed that Hospitality is one of the church’s key values, saying that:

”It’s not about the building, it’s what we can offer the community—and the kitchen is vital to that.” – Sam

Featured image source: SWNS

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