A Tuition-free Program for Adults who are Age 25 and Above Launches in Michigan

Michigan has started offering a tuition-free program for adults who are 25 years old and above to earn…
tuition-free program

Michigan has started offering a tuition-free program for adults who are 25 years old and above to earn a degree for associate and postsecondary certificate at a private training school or community college. This program is supported with $30m in state funding. This is enough to sponsor about 30,000 people.

Eligible applicants must be 25 years and above, must have been a resident in the state for a year or more, not have a bachelor’s or associate’s degree, and have a high school diploma. Over 4.1 million residents may be eligible. The aid will sponsor all mandatory or tuition fees not offset by Michigan’s tuition program for Medicaid recipients.

Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer proposed the program after he assumed office two years ago. She and the Republican-led Legislature enacted the current budget in the fall and stated that funding will be secured.

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It’s critical that we help Michiganders without a postsecondary education get on a path toward a good-paying job.


The Michigan Reconnect Program is the second tuition-free program to begin in almost five months. The Governor is funding Future for Frontliners with a sum of $2.4 million in COVID-19 relief funds. This program will cover community college tuition for health care workers and those who worked outside their homes during the beginning of the pandemic.

Over 83,000 people were eligible out of the 120,000 people that applied for the program. Shabaka Bailey, an unemployed father of two, said that he thought the Reconnect program was too good to be true when he heard about it at first.

He maintained that he was sacked twice due to the pandemic and couldn’t afford to continue attending Lansing Community College. The free tuition is really a good opportunity for people. Shabaka said that this is a great chance to pursue his dream of becoming an aviation technician.

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