A Selfless Teenage boy becomes a Local Hero after Cleaning up Dirty Road signs amidst Lockdown

A selfless teenage boy known as Joseph Beer has taken his time to clean up dirty road signs…
selfless teenage boy

A selfless teenage boy known as Joseph Beer has taken his time to clean up dirty road signs and overgrown hedges after he noticed several abandoned street signs and hedgerows while having his daily walks.

The 15-year-old boy decided to clean up the road signs and hedges with his father. A trailer was fixed at the back of his father’s bike and peddled around the streets close to his house.

Joseph Beer who was diagnosed with ADHD and autism ensured he scrubbed the abandoned street signs that had moss growing over them. In other streets, hedges have become a problem since they were abandoned to grow and obscure the road.

The effort of this selfless teenage boy was noticed by people who lived in Chatteris and its surrounding towns. A driving instructor who was driving around saw the road signs that had been abandoned got in touch with Joseph to thank him for the job well done.

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A kind neighbor who noticed Joseph’s handiwork was so impressed that she created a GoFundMe page to reward Joseph’s selfless service. The fundraising campaign was able to raise about 1,000 pounds.

A Sense of Purpose

We are absolutely blown away with everything he’s done. His dad and I are so proud. He comes back absolutely filthy, and still carrying the bucket of water, which by the end of the day has turned black from all the cleaning he’s done. Then he’ll hop in the shower and get ready to do it all again the next day.

Joseph’s mother

According to Joseph’s mother, his son has an “incredible heart” as he is donating the funds that were raised for him to the local food bank.

The teen who is a boarder at a therapeutic school before it closed in March has finally got what he could engage in since he had been in need of routine.

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